Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Visit to the Park

After polishing off the delicious birthday cake the girls headed off to their favorite park.

 Molly of course had instructions so everyone gathered together in a circle to listen.

 MOLLY: Okay, Izzy has her own skates so she's all set. And me and Emily are used to sharing so we'll share a pair. I was able to borrow some from our neighbors so Kirsten and Samantha you can have your own pair!

 KIRSTEN: I've never roller skated before, and neither has Samantha. Will we be okay?
MOLLY: Oh yes! It's really easy, you'll be just fine! Just don't lock your knees whatever you do.

 Everyone got busy putting on their skates while Isabelle supervised.

It all started out great. Molly and Emily were able to skate expertly with one skate each and Isabelle was helping Samantha and Kirsten.

But both Samantha and Kirsten forgot to not lock their knees and flopped on the ground! yikes!

 The girls continued skating but it was apparent that Kirsten and Samantha were not having much fun.

They refused to get back up for fear of falling flat on the ground again!

 KIRSTEN: It's okay, you guys continue skating. I'd rather watch sitting down!

 That's when Molly had another one of her brilliant ideas! 

 MOLLY: Hold on tight and don't let go!

 Isabelle continued to skate along while Emily decided to do some jump roping.

Now everyone was having a great time!

 Yank and Bennett were getting restless so Molly and Emily decided to take them for a walk.

 It was a great time for the two friends to chat and talk about old times. :)

 Molly was so engrossed in their conversation, she lost control of Bennett and he began to run off!
MOLLY: Bennett come back!!

Molly finally caught up to him and was able to tackle him down.

 MOLLY: Bennett that was very naughty of you to run off! Bad dog!

 MOLLY: Just kidding, you're a very good dog. I love you so much!

 Emily and Molly sat and played with their dogs a little bit more.

Then walked back to the others to the end of a wonderful time at the park.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Molly's Birthday Morning (Part 3)

Time to open presents Molly!

 IZZY: Hurry Molly, I just can't wait!

 MOLLY: Alright! Cars! Thanks dad!

 MOLLY:  This is just perfect for my collection!

 MOLLY: Oh, how beautiful! Look at all the sparkles!

IZZY: Do you like it Molly? We all helped mom make it. I even designed it!
MOLLY: Yes! Thank you so much, it's just the perfect princess dress I've always wanted! 
I want to put it on now!

 EMILY: Sorry Molly, you're just going to have to wait. 
SAMANTHA: Because first we're having your Birthday cake for breakfast!
KIRSTEN: But don't worry, you can put it on later, we have a whole day of adventures planned!

Molly didn't want to put away her new sparkly dress, but followed the girls to the kitchen.
Happy Birthday Molly!!

 Oops! Yank almost went for the treats, luckily Samantha and Isabelle caught him in time!

 Make a wish Molly!

I love cake for breakfast!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Molly's Birthday Morning (Part 2)

 Finding no one to greet her a happy birthday Molly sat back down on her bed.
"Well at least I have you two," Molly said to Bennett and Yank.

 Just at that moment all her sisters came marching in her room bearing presents and treats!
"Happy Birthday Molly!"

"Oh, I thought no one cared! Thank you! Thank you so much!" 

 "How could you ever think we wouldn't care? We just wanted to surprise you!" Emily told Molly as everyone placed their gifts on Molly's bed.

"Thank you so much! I am really surprised!" Molly was overwhelmed with all the love from her sisters.

"ummm.. Molly? What happened to your hair?" Kirsten just had to ask.

 "I curled it! Why? Does it look bad?" Molly asked concerned.

 Isabelle immediately came to Molly's side and reassured her," no Molly, it's not bad at all. It just needs a little bit of styling that's all. Here let me help you."

 "Gosh, thank you Izzy!" Molly said relieved.

 "Here, we just need to relax the curls a bit, that's all!" Isabelle said while fixing Molly's hair.

"See Molly, it's all better now. You look beautiful! Now let's go back to the others, they're anxious for you to open up the presents!"

To Be Continued..

Molly's Birthday Morning (Part 1)

Molly woke up bright and early this morning:

 "Hooray! It's my Birthday!!"

 Molly put on her glasses first so she could see.

"I can't believe Emily is still sleeping! Oh well, it'll give me more time to undo my pincurls. I can't wait to have curly curly hair for my birthday!"

Molly got up out of bed, waking up Bennett and put on her slippers before heading to the mirror to fix her hair.

"This is going to take forever," Molly thought to herself.

While Molly was busy with her hair, Emily got up. She was only pretending to be still asleep!

 Emily got out of bed very quietly and fixed her blanket.

 She then gestured to the dogs to be quiet.

 Then quickly got dressed in her and Molly's special birthday dress.

She was able to sneak out of the room without Molly suspecting a thing.

 Molly was having some problems with her hair, but did manage to get all the pincurls out.
"hmmmm... looks a little funny, but I have curls! I'm just going to wake up Emily and see what she thinks."

"Emily! Wake up! Look at my hair!  ???? huh?! Where did she disappear to?"

To Be Continued...