Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Winter Fun

Molly and her friends love winter activities like ice skating, sledding and of course, drinking hot chocolate!

 MOLLY: Hurry and put on your skates Izzy!

 ISABELLE: Be right there!

 MOLLY: I love skating!

 It's even more fun with friends!

SAMANTHA: Wait for me! These skates are a bit tricky!

Kanani and Emily along with the pups decided to go sledding instead.

 Kirsten went exploring in the woods and came back with a beautiful pine cone.

Lucky she had her snow shoes, they make it a lot easier to track through the snow.

 Best part of playing in the snow is ending the day with a steaming cup of hot chocolate by the warm fire!

Hope everyone is having a fun winter!

Friday, January 9, 2015

It's a Small World

Molly has decided that "It's a Small World" is her favorite ride at Disneyland!

 While waiting in line, some dollies came out to entertain!

 We're closer to the ride, Molly is excited!

 Molly waving to people on the train and boats.

Finally we're in! Molly gets to sit all by herself!

 Molly, you have to sit!

 Molly spotted St. Lucia! 
"She looks just like Kirsten!"

"I love It's a Small World!"