Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Molly is a bumble bee and she is on a hunt to find some honey.

 First stop: The Hundred Acre Woods

Molly is unsure about meeting Tigger. "He is a tiger after all!"

Now poor Eeyore is unsure of Molly. 
He thinks she's a real bumble bee and doesn't want to be stung!

Pooh Bear loves Molly the bumble bee. He tells her to just look in his "hunny" pots. "You'll be sure to find some honey there!" he tells her.

 "No honey here!"

 "None left here either. Pooh must've been very hungry!"

 "Finally some honey!"

 "Golly! It's over flowing with honey!"

 "All that honey hunting made me hungry! I'll help myself to this delicious cupcake!"

 "Yikes! There's a bee on my cupcake!"

Back to being a doll!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Caroline By the Sea

Caroline was so happy to be near water today! She is wearing a new dress I made for her now available in my etsy shop. 

 "Yay! I am so excited to get near the water!"

 "Wow! The ocean is a lot larger than I imagined!"

 "It is very bright and hot, maybe I'll go exploring behind those rocks there."

"It's nice and cozy behind these rocks."

 "I can't stay away from the water too long though!"

 "Ahhh..... the smell of the sea is the best!"

 "Time for a little rest. I wish I remembered to bring a picnic lunch, oh well, next time!"