Tuesday, August 5, 2014


For my final submission for the Miss AGPT contest I went to China! Well, not exactly. It was a Chinese garden made to look like China but it really felt like I was there. I even got to wear a beautiful Chinese dress!

 First some lunch. I love noodles!

 I think I ate too much noodles. Dress started to feel tighter after lunch!

 Isn't China beautiful?!

 Here you can see my full outfit. Isn't it gorgeous?!

 I felt like a Chinese princess.

Taking a break to relax by the lovely bridge.

 I think I'm getting a hang of this posing thing!

 After visiting the Chinese garden we headed out to another type of garden and I changed into Felicity's dress.

 There were so many flowers! If I look a little scared here because there were a lot of bees! buzzzzzzzzzzz...

 I even climbed a tree, just like Felicity!

This was truly a memorable day for me!


Hi It's me Molly again showing some pictures of my third submission for the Miss AGPT contest. The theme was "Thrilling"! I knew right away what I wanted to show. There's nothing that is more fun and thrilling for me than riding my bike downhill really fast! Sometimes I even let go of my hands. Sometimes both my hands and feet, but that usually doesn't turn out so well!

 See?! No hands!

Oops! I usually end up crashing though.


Hi! This is Molly! So I recently entered the Miss AGPT contest on the American Girl Playthings forum and had to take a whole load of pictures. These are photos from the 2nd round. The theme was "Forever".

 We went to the beach, and I wanted to take a picture showing the locket my dad gave me before he left for the war.

 Bennett was very curious and I had to keep the locket away from him.

 Can you see the picture of my dad that I put inside the locket?

 Maybe you can see better here.

 This is the photo I ended up submitting, me and Bennett thinking of dad...