Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Morning Part 3

After opening their presents, the girls quickly got dressed in their warmest clothes, hats, and mittens and arrived in 1854 Minnesota to try out their new ice skates.

 Kirsten and Samantha arrived first and waited for Molly and Emily while they put on their skates.

"Brrrr.... it sure is chilly!" Emily exclaimed.
"Indeed, but I like it! We're going to have so much fun!" chimed in Molly.

KIRSTEN: "Finally you're here, welcome to Minnesota!"
MOLLY: "Sorry we're late, we got a little lost coming here, I thought we were going to 1844 not 1854!"
SAMANTHA: "Oh, glad you got here safely. Let's skate!"

"It's slippery!"

Molly waving "hi" while Emily is trying hard not to fall.

Samantha skates by like a pro!

Kirsten trying hard to balance too. Those heavy skates on her wobbly legs makes it extra difficult.

Molly and Emily try holding hands and spinning.

Oops! Molly got dizzy and fell!
"Here, let me help you up Molly," Emily said giving her a hand.

Oh no! Emily also fell trying to help Molly.

Kirsten wasn't any good helping out either!

Even the pro Samantha couldn't help and pretty soon we had a doll pile casualty!
And it took a while to get up because they were all laughing so hard.

Finally everyone got up and did their best to not fall again.

 "Perhaps I'll lean against this tree for a while," Samantha said still catching her breath.

 "Minnesota is the best for ice skating, let's come back again!"


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, looking forward to the new year!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Morning Part 2

The girls decided to open their presents by the big tree so they can have more space with their dolls and dogs.

 "Who is your present from Molly?" asked Samantha

 "Oh! It's from mom and dad!" Molly exclaimed with delight.

"And mine is from grandmary. How thoughtful of her, she must have sent it before she went on her trip to France," Samantha said.

 "Let's see who mine is from," said Kirsten.

"It's from mamma and pappa! I wonder what they got me.." Kirsten pondered.

"Oh look!" Emily exclaimed. "I can't believe Mr. and Mrs. McIntire sent me a gift. How kind of them!"

 The girls opened their presents all at once. "Yay! Grandmary sent me ice skates!" Samantha showed Molly. 

 "I got ice skates too!" Molly said. "Me too!" said Kirsten.

"What did you get Emily?" Kirsten asked.
"I got ice skates as well!" Emily exclaimed.

 "You know what that means!" Molly said to the girls.
"Let's go ice skating!!" everyone yelled in unison.

While the girls changed into their clothes, Yank and Bennett had fun playing with all the wrapping paper.

To Be Continued..

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Morning Part 1

 The girls set out the cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa with hopes that he would bring them their wishes.

 Molly and Emily were first to awake and were so excited to find their dogs Bennett and Yank!

The dogs were happy to be reunited with them too!

 Samantha and Kirsten were awakened by all the barking and quickly ran to see what was in their stockings. Samantha received a beautiful AG doll of herself.

 Kirsten couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Sari smiling at her from her stocking!

 Samantha hugged her doll and said, "I will name you Sammy!" She also got a giant gingerbread cookie, her favorite!

Kirsten was wide-eyed with happiness as she hugged Sari. "I will never be apart from you again!" Kirsten promised.

"Thank you Santa!"

They were so happy with what Santa brought they almost didn't even notice more presents under the tree. "Hey look! These are gifts from our families!" Molly exclaimed. 

To Be Continued..

Christmas 2013 Portraits

Hope everyone had a good Christmas!
My dolls had so much fun opening presents on Christmas morning. I will post their story tomorrow, but for now please enjoy their portraits with their gifts from Santa. I was in a hurry to dress them before dinner and didn't have time to put their shoes on. I decided that matching hair bows were more important than shoes!

 Kirsten with Sari

 Emily and Yank

 Molly and Bennett

Samantha and her mini-me who she named Sammy

 Best friends Molly and Emily

"Merry Christmas!"

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The First Ever Emergency Doll Meeting

It's Christmas Eve and my dolls were busy finishing up making their gifts for each other.

Looks like Samantha is doing well with her knitting. 

KIRSTEN: "Don't peek!"
ME: "Okay, but please be careful with the iron. Don't melt your hands!"
KIRSTEN: "I know, that's why I'm wearing my protective coat."
ME: "ummm... okay.."

Oh dear, Emily seems a bit stressed all tangled up in yarn!
"I'm never going to finish on time! Maybe I'll check on how the others are doing." Emily said to herself very frustrated.

 Meanwhile Molly was enjoying the beautiful California weather rollerskating outside. 

 "Molly!" Emily called out.

 "Did you already finish making your Secret Santa gift?" Emily asked.

 "Oh no! I completely forgot!" Molly exclaimed as she fell to the ground.

"Go get the others and tell them to come to my room pronto, we are having our first ever emergency doll meeting!" Molly told Emily as she got up.

 "I call the first ever emergency doll meeting to order," Molly said to her sisters.

"Okay, how many of you have started working on your Secret Santa gifts?"

 Kirsten and Samantha raised their hands.

"How many of you need more time to finish?"

Everyone raised their hands.

 "I propose we exchange our Secret Santa gifts on New Year's Day. This will give us more time to finish and something to look forward to after Christmas. All those in favor say aye!"

"AYE" everyone responded and cheered.