Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Morning Part 2

The girls decided to open their presents by the big tree so they can have more space with their dolls and dogs.

 "Who is your present from Molly?" asked Samantha

 "Oh! It's from mom and dad!" Molly exclaimed with delight.

"And mine is from grandmary. How thoughtful of her, she must have sent it before she went on her trip to France," Samantha said.

 "Let's see who mine is from," said Kirsten.

"It's from mamma and pappa! I wonder what they got me.." Kirsten pondered.

"Oh look!" Emily exclaimed. "I can't believe Mr. and Mrs. McIntire sent me a gift. How kind of them!"

 The girls opened their presents all at once. "Yay! Grandmary sent me ice skates!" Samantha showed Molly. 

 "I got ice skates too!" Molly said. "Me too!" said Kirsten.

"What did you get Emily?" Kirsten asked.
"I got ice skates as well!" Emily exclaimed.

 "You know what that means!" Molly said to the girls.
"Let's go ice skating!!" everyone yelled in unison.

While the girls changed into their clothes, Yank and Bennett had fun playing with all the wrapping paper.

To Be Continued..

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  1. Oh, love the wrapping paper on the girls' presents....what fun to watch them open them! Can't wait to see them all having fun ice skating!! Our dog loves to tear up and shred wrapping paper too....we have a terrible mess to clean up each Christmas and it's not from us's from the dog! ♥