Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Preparation Part 2

After writing their letters to Santa the girls changed out of their school clothes and gathered for some after school snack.

 "Okay, we got the letters to Santa done. Now we need to draw names for our Secret Santa gift exchange," instructed Molly making sure everyone stays on task for all the Christmas preparations.

 "I have paper and pencils, so we can each write down our names, put it in a bowl and whoever name we draw we'll make a gift for them!" 

Everyone got busy writing down their names.

Emily was the last to drop her name into the bowl and asked, "who wants to draw the first name?"

"ME!" Kirsten volunteered.

Kirsten selected the first name.
"Make sure you don't pick your own," Molly reminded.

 Samantha made sure no one was able to peek at who she got.
"Oh! I know exactly what I'm going to make for her!" Samantha thought to herself very pleased with who she picked.

 Afterwards the girls sat by the tree to make decorations.

"This is going to be so beautiful!" Samantha exclaimed.
"Indeed!" said Emily.
"Let's make it super extra long!" both Kirsten and Molly said at the same time.

The girls got a little silly and started decorating Molly!

 "Don't forget, tomorrow is Saint Lucia day! I will be bringing you breakfast in bed!" Kirsten reminded her sisters.
"Yay! We can't wait!" everyone cheered.

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  1. Ohhhh, we love making paper chain garlands too! They are so much fun! The girls looks extremely happy and we can see why they are looking so forward to Saint Lucia Day!