Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Morning Part 1

 The girls set out the cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa with hopes that he would bring them their wishes.

 Molly and Emily were first to awake and were so excited to find their dogs Bennett and Yank!

The dogs were happy to be reunited with them too!

 Samantha and Kirsten were awakened by all the barking and quickly ran to see what was in their stockings. Samantha received a beautiful AG doll of herself.

 Kirsten couldn't believe her eyes when she saw Sari smiling at her from her stocking!

 Samantha hugged her doll and said, "I will name you Sammy!" She also got a giant gingerbread cookie, her favorite!

Kirsten was wide-eyed with happiness as she hugged Sari. "I will never be apart from you again!" Kirsten promised.

"Thank you Santa!"

They were so happy with what Santa brought they almost didn't even notice more presents under the tree. "Hey look! These are gifts from our families!" Molly exclaimed. 

To Be Continued..


  1. I just love the "Thank You, Santa" picture of all of them together!