Friday, December 6, 2013

Molly's Farewell Visit to AGPLA Dec. 2013

I took Molly with me today to American Girl Place at the Grove in LA. This will be the last time to see what is left of Molly's display before she is archived at the end of the year.

First stop: American Girl Cafe! 
We were so lucky and got seated right by the beautiful tree.

Molly loves having friends around her and decided to choose Kit to join her for lunch.

 Molly and Kit got to know each other better by using the conversation cards.
"What do you like to do on Saturdays?" Molly asked.
"I like to spy on my neighbors!" Kit quickly replied.

 "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Kit asked Molly.
"well... I'm not sure what I'm really good at, but I really like music and I think I would like to be a conductor of an orchestra one day!" Molly said thinking through her answer.

Yummy sweets!
I wonder if they'll still call this "Molly's Victory Garden"

 A lovely shot of the two friends by the tree before Molly continued on with her adventures inside AG Place.

 My sweet Olly Molly!

Inside the Store:

Here is what was left of the Molly display. So sad...
Molly's original display area is now occupied by Caroline. It is still playing Molly's song and still has the life size McIntire kitchen display.

McIntire kitchen display. So cozy... Molly and her doll must be helping to make the gingerbread cookies.  I failed to get a picture of the bottom part but the cookies were being boxed up. They must be being packaged for the soldiers overseas.

Molly and Caroline. 

Molly visiting some modern girls.

 This girl looked exhausted so we decided to not disturb her!

The limited edition outfit. 
Molly really wanted it but she's a good girl and knows that she can't have everything she wants. 

So Molly just pretended to wave like a princess instead!

The beautiful AG tree

 This doll and this dress.... so pretty! 

Pretty window display

Bye Saige! You're such a pretty doll!

Molly ended her day by squeezing into a slumber party and helping herself to popcorn and juice.

As we left AG Place we saw Santa fly by!
"That reminds me I still have to write my letter to Santa, can we go home now?" Molly said.

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