Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Rush

Halloween kind of crept up on Molly and her sisters and they were in a big rush to make sure they don't miss out on all the fun. Here's how the day went:

 "I can't believe Molly and Samantha are still napping! They are going to miss out on Halloween!" Kirsten exclaimed.

 "Wake up sleepheads! We're going to miss Halloween and candy!"

 "Candy?!" Samantha got up suddenly. (She loves sweets!)

 Molly got up suddenly too and blabbered, "Halloween! Candy! Costumes!"

 She then jumped out of bed and ran out of the room!


"Molly! Your glasses!" Samantha called out worriedly. 

 As fast as she ran out, Molly ran back carrying a pile of clothes and other things!

"What is all this?" Emily asked.
"Costumes!" Molly answered out of breath as she dropped everything on her bed.
"Hurry and get dressed, we don't want to miss out on Halloween and candies!" Molly instructed.
"I'll be a hula girl since it's kind of expected, you guys can choose whatever you want from the pile," Molly told her bewildered sisters.

It was frantic for the next few moment as the girls rushed to put on their costumes.

 Molly got her head stuck in her sweater.

 "Is this the proper way to wear this shawl?" Kirsten asked.

 Samantha tried to pick something out from what was left of the pile.

"This dress looks pretty!" Emily said pleased with what she found.

 After the chaos, the girl were able to get themselves dressed and ready for trick-or-treating!

 And soon they were out the door to gather candy!

 "Girls, please be careful and only go to the homes we know. And head on home when it starts getting dark, and have fun!" their mom instructed.
"We will mom!" Molly answered.


Back at home the girls checked out their loot:

"Wow! Look at all the candy we got! Our neighbors really like KitKats!" 

Happy Halloween everyone!

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