Thursday, October 10, 2013

Molly and Emily's Tea Party

Originally posted on July 13, 2013

Emily was a little sad that she didn't get to join in Molly and Kirsten's bike adventure, so Molly surprised her with a little tea party today. She even let Emily borrow her special dress and since Molly didn't have anything else appropriate to wear she helped herself to Emily's meet dress!

"I'm sorry you didn't get to join us yesterday, but I think you like tea parties better, don't you Emily?" Molly asked.

 "Indeed, Molly. This is wonderful, everything looks so delicious!" Emily exclaimed. "Uh-huh, let's eat!" Molly said as she dug into her fruit tart.

 The girls catching up on old times!

 One last look at Molly and Emily enjoying their little party.

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