Thursday, October 10, 2013

Samantha's Trip

Originally posted on July 22, 2013

Yay! Samantha finally got a chance to go on an outing to the best place for an AG doll... American Girl Place of course!

First stop was lunch. Samantha couldn't help but to ogle at all the yummy pastries. 

 She had to practice will control though since she is a plump PM girl. (oops! her sleeve popped!)

 Next stop was Caroline's parlor. Samantha was feeling a bit shy in her play clothes. "Perhaps I should have worn my tea dress," Samantha pondered.

But the lovely Caroline was quite hospitable and soon Samantha was enjoying the delicious cake Caroline served. (There goes that diet! - just kidding Samantha, you're a beautiful doll just the way you are!)

 She was so at home at Caroline's, she even rested with Inkpot in Caroline's room.

 Last stop at Molly's. We will all truly miss visiting Molly and her warm cheerful displays at the store...

 Back at home Samantha called out to her sisters,"I'm home! ... with PRESENTS!!"

The girls came running out to greet Samantha, and to see what goodies she brought home. 

Kirsten immediately went for the largest box..

..while Emily and Molly greeted Samantha and asked her about her trip.

"Oh Kirsten, actually that big box is for Molly. It's a desk. Mom said Molly has to perfect her multiplication table before school starts in the fall."

 "Don't worry Molly. I'll help you. You still have the flashcards we made last year?" Emily comforted the grumbling Molly.

 "This one is for you Kirsten," Samantha said as she passed out the smaller boxes.

 "Addy picked it out herself! It's one of her favorite dresses, and we both agreed it would look beautiful on you," Samantha told Kirsten. "Thank you! I love it! I really did need a new summer dress!" Kirsten exclaimed.

 "Mom picked out your gift Emily. I wasn't sure if it's something you wanted but she said she did not want to try to track it down after the retirement!" Samantha explained to Emily. "Oh, I love it! Really I do, it's so soft and cozy," the polite Emily reassured Samantha. 

 "And this is what I picked for myself. I also needed a new summer dress," Samantha said as she showed the dress she got to her sisters.


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