Thursday, October 10, 2013

Molly and Kirsten's Bike Adventure

Originally posted on July 12, 2013

Molly was really excited to take out her bike for the first time!

 She was enjoying the breeze and wheeling fast down the path when she heard someone call, "MOLLY! WAIT FOR ME!!"

 Molly turned to see who was calling her. 

 It was Kirsten! This adventurous pioneer girl had followed Molly out barefooted!

 All of a sudden with a thud Kirsten had fallen flat faced to the ground! Poor girl had tripped on her loose limbs.

 Molly immediately got off her bike and ran to get Kirsten. 

 After making sure Kirsten was alright, Molly led her to her bike.

"I saw you leaving with your bike and I wanted to go with you so I ran out as fast as I could but you rode so fast I could barely catch up!" Kirsten explained. "Oh Kirsten, I'm sorry. I should have asked if you wanted to come along. I was just so excited to get out. Would you like to ride with me?" Molly asked.
 Kirsten was thrilled!

They rode all around the park.

 After riding the bike all afternoon, Molly and Kirsten stopped to rest.

"Remember how you fell flat on your face?" asked Molly.  "Yeah, that was really funny! It's usually you who trips and falls!" Kirsten giggled.

 "We better hurry home now," Molly said. "I'm starting to miss Emily and Samantha." "Yes, let's head back now," Kirsten agreed.

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