Sunday, August 14, 2016

Final Five

Final Five

 Molly, Isabelle, Kirsten and Emily are very excited about the Olympics and they hope with a lot of hard work they will one they be champions like the Final Five gymnasts. 
They were so focused and busy they didn't even realize a new friend had entered the room.

 "ummmm... hello?!"

 "MELODY!!! You're finally here!"
Molly and Kirsten were first to greet Melody. It took Izzy awhile to get down from her handstand.

Emily approached Melody with a beautiful leotard.
"We've been waiting for you. Would you please join our gymnastics team?"

 "Please say yes Melody! Kanani was supposed to be our fifth member but she says gymnastics is too much suffering so she went to the beach instead. We're really hoping you can join us!" 

Poor Melody was a bit overwhelmed.
"ummm... well... I really don't know how to do gymnastics."

 "That's okay, I didn't know anything until just recently. Izzy will coach us, she's a dancer but she knows a little bit about gymnastics," Molly said as she hopped on her bed. "Look, at first I could only do splits this far."

"But look at me now! Ta da!!"

(note: Molly has never done full splits before, she got a little carried away showing off for Melody. She might be in a lot of pain tomorrow!"

 Melody not wanting to disappoint her new friends finally said,"well, sure why not?! I'll give gymnastics a try!"

Melody happily received her leotard and went to the bathroom to change.

 When she returned everyone cheered.

"You look great Melody! Just like a champion! This is going to be swell!"

 "Group Hug!"
"Now our team is complete, just like the Final Five! Go USA!"
"Welcome home Melody!"