Saturday, October 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Emily!

Emily awoke with a start on her Birthday morning.

 "Happy Birthday Emily!!" her sisters cheered, waking her up.

 Kirsten and Molly held up the signs they made.

 And Samantha held a large box - the present!

 Everyone rushed to give Emily a huge Birthday group hug.

 "Here Emily, hurry and open your present!" Kirsten prodded.

"Oh! This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you all so much!" Emily said thanking her sisters.

 The girls sat around and chatted away looking forward to a wonderful day.

 Molly suddenly reminded everyone, "Hey! We have a party to go to! Let's all get dressed and meet in the kitchen!"

Molly, Kirsten and Samantha dressed fast and rushed to the kitchen to set up for the party before Emily arrived.  "Hurry!" Kirsten yelled, "Emily will be down any second!"

 "Ta Da!! Welcome to your party Emily!" the girls cheered.

 "Thank you so much! This is all so lovely, and you even got my favorite - butter!!" 

 "Blow out the candles Emily!"

 "Make a wish!"

 "Hooray!" Everyone cheered.

"Happy Birthday Emily!"



  1. I cannot get enough of any of the pictures where their arms up with in excitement. So sweet!

  2. Thank you Andrea! You're my first commenter ever on my blog!