Thursday, October 10, 2013

Camp Gowonagin Again!

Originally posted on August 30, 2013
 After breakfast Molly and Emily were just hanging out in their room thinking of something fun to do.
 "I can't believe Summer is almost over!" Molly exclaimed. "I know, I can't wait to go back to school!" replied Emily.
"Ugghhhh..." Molly groaned. "I'm not ready for school yet. We need to do something fun before Summer is really over. You haven't even been to Camp Gowanagin this year Emily. Kirsten and I went when summer began and we had so much fun. We really should go back." 
 "Oh that sounds swell Molly, I've always had so much fun at Camp Gowonagin!" Emily gushed.

"Well, what are we waiting for, let's go put on our camp gear!" Molly said excitedly as she jumped out of bed.
 "But before we go, we better leave a note for Kirsten and Samantha, they might think we disappeared!" Molly said as she scribbled a quick note to her other sisters.
Later that day, Samantha found Kirsten working alone at the empty school room: 

"Oh, here you are Kirsten! I haven't seen Molly and Emily since breakfast, have you seen them?" Samantha asked.

"No I haven't seen them either, but I've been here all morning. I'm sure they're just in their room. Let's go check!" Kirsten told Samantha.

In Molly's Room...

"Hey! They're not here!" Kirsten exclaimed.

"Maybe they disappeared!" Samantha gasped.

 "Nah, they didn't disappear," Kirsten assured Samantha. "Here's a note from Molly, 'gone to Camp Gowonagin!'
What?! They went to Camp Gowonagin without us!" 

 "What's Camp Gowonagin?" Samantha asked.

 "Oh, it's the funnest camp ever! Molly took me earlier and we had so much fun hiking, fishing, roasting marshmellows, and meeting Molly's other friends!" Kirsten explained to Samantha. "Oh, that does sound fun. I wish we could have gone too..." Samantha sighed. "Well, we should go too! But we don't have the uniforms and we would need it.." Kirsten said disappointedly. "Oh well...maybe Molly will take me next time." Samantha thought out loud.

"WAIT!" Kirsten yelled startling Samantha with her sudden outburst. "We'll go as spies!" Kirsten continued confusing Samantha. "Do you have a hat or a scarf?" Kirsten asked Samantha. Samantha replied, "yes... but what.."
"Great, we will need it to be spies." Kirsten interrupted. "Come on, change into your traveling clothes and hat," she ordered her sister.

 "How do I look?" Samantha asked Kirsten after changing her clothes.

 "Perfect!" Kirsten told Samantha as she checked her own outfit.

"Ummm... Kirsten? How will we get to Camp Gowonagin?" Samantha asked worriedly. 

"well...... I know! we'll take Molly's bike. I know how to ride it, Molly taught me. Just make sure you hold on really tight!" Kirsten said proud of her brilliant idea once again.

At Camp Gowonagin:

"I can't believe we're here!" Emily exclaimed. "It's just like how I remembered, the lake, the trees, the tents, Kirsten and Samantha.."

"KIRSTEN AND SAMANTHA?!?" Molly asked confused.
"Uh huh, isn't that them?" Emily pointed behind the pine trees.

 Molly ran towards Kirsten and Samantha followed by Emily.
"What are you guys doing here?!" Molly asked her sisters.

"Hey! how did you know it was us?" Kirsten wondered.
"umm.. it's kind of obvious, and you do really stand out." Emily politely explained to the disappointed Kirsten.

 "Well, I'm glad you're here!" Molly told Kirsten and Samantha.
"You are?" Kirsten asked.

 "Of course! I'm sure the counselors have uniforms and you can stay in our tent. It'll be so much fun!" Molly reassured Kirsten.

 "Yay! Hooray for Camp Gowonagin!" everyone cheered.


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