Sunday, December 8, 2013

Product Review No. 2 - Kirsten's Holiday Treats

I have been watching this set on ebay for the longest time waiting for a good deal and I am so happy to finally get it! It's a retired set but a must have for Kirsten if you're collecting her world.

 Everything nicely placed inside the box.

 Table runner made with thick woven fabric. Needs pressing though!

 The wooden candle holder is painted red and makes a pretty holiday table accent. Candles are rubbery plastic material.

 My favorite piece from the set. It's really heavy, must be solid metal.

 Ceramic bowl and apples. The apples are all stuck together.

Holiday treats are all stuck together too. Looks like Saint Lucia buns and cookies. The platter is a separate piece and is made of wood.

There are two identical ceramic mugs in the set. One day I would love to have the Rowe Pottery set, but until then this will do just fine!

 The entire set: it fills up the table nicely with all the colors.

Kirsten is beyond thrilled to have her Holiday Treats set. She can't wait to host the Christmas party for her friends!

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