Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Morning Part 3

After opening their presents, the girls quickly got dressed in their warmest clothes, hats, and mittens and arrived in 1854 Minnesota to try out their new ice skates.

 Kirsten and Samantha arrived first and waited for Molly and Emily while they put on their skates.

"Brrrr.... it sure is chilly!" Emily exclaimed.
"Indeed, but I like it! We're going to have so much fun!" chimed in Molly.

KIRSTEN: "Finally you're here, welcome to Minnesota!"
MOLLY: "Sorry we're late, we got a little lost coming here, I thought we were going to 1844 not 1854!"
SAMANTHA: "Oh, glad you got here safely. Let's skate!"

"It's slippery!"

Molly waving "hi" while Emily is trying hard not to fall.

Samantha skates by like a pro!

Kirsten trying hard to balance too. Those heavy skates on her wobbly legs makes it extra difficult.

Molly and Emily try holding hands and spinning.

Oops! Molly got dizzy and fell!
"Here, let me help you up Molly," Emily said giving her a hand.

Oh no! Emily also fell trying to help Molly.

Kirsten wasn't any good helping out either!

Even the pro Samantha couldn't help and pretty soon we had a doll pile casualty!
And it took a while to get up because they were all laughing so hard.

Finally everyone got up and did their best to not fall again.

 "Perhaps I'll lean against this tree for a while," Samantha said still catching her breath.

 "Minnesota is the best for ice skating, let's come back again!"


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, looking forward to the new year!


  1. Oh goodness, what fun the girls had! I think Minnesota is too cold but then again, we don't get cold enough winters anymore to freeze our ponds so no ice skating for us unless it's at the rink! Tell your girls "hi" from our girls!!! ~ The D3 Girls!

  2. How did you make the pond? I LOVE ice skating! ~ Kit

    1. It's actually our dining table! :)

    2. Wow. That was really surprising! What camera do you use?