Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year Gift Exchange

Happy New Year!

 Christmas is over but because their gift exchange was postponed until New Years Day more presents were found under the tree!

 The girls stopped to admire the tree and the wrapped presents and take it all in before opening up the goodies.

 "It's so beautiful!" 

 "Who wants to go first?" Kirsten asked.

"ME!" volunteered Molly. "I worked really really hard on my gift and I just can't wait another minute to give it!"

 "Samantha, I'm your Secret Santa! I hope you like it!" Molly said handing Samantha her gift.

 "Slippers! Oh, I really needed slippers! I can't believe you made these Molly. They're very hard to knit!" Samantha was thrilled to receive the slippers.

 "I'm so glad you like them, and looks like they fit perfectly. They were indeed very hard to make, I messed up so many times I almost gave up!" Molly was relieved that Samantha loved her gift and that they fit.

"Thank you so much Molly, I really love them!" Samantha said giving Molly a hug.

 "Now for my gift... it is for Kirsten!" Samantha said handing Kirsten her present.

 "What a beautiful red scarf! It's just like the one I used to have back in Minnesota!"

"Thank you my Samanthee, I will treasure it forever!"

 Emily went next because Kirsten asked to go last for some reason.
"Molly, I'm your Secret Santa!" Emily exclaimed. "I really hope you like it..."

 "Wow! A blanket! This is so soft and warm, it must've taken you forever to make it!"

"Thank you so much Emily, you are such a dear friend!" Molly said giving Emily a hug.

 "Yay! Finally my turn!" Kirsten was especially excited to give Emily her present.
"I hope you like it Emily," Kirsten said with a twinkle in her eye.

 Everyone waited anxiously as Emily carefully opened her gift.

 And then she let out a loud scream and almost fell off her chair frightening both Samantha and Molly. It seems Kirsten expected this reaction.

 "What is it Emily? Is it a bug? a snake?" Molly asked with concern.

 "It's a One Direction shirt!! ahhhhhhhhhh!!!" Emily screamed again with delight.
(note: even though Emily is a historical 1944 girl, we think something happened in the AG factory where she was inserted with modern girl characteristics as well as her canon Emily Bennett characteristics. This confuses Molly sometimes but she is getting used to it, slowly.)

 "Thank you so much Kirsten, you knew exactly what I would like!" Emily said giving her a hug.

Molly and Samantha joined in also for a big group hug!
This is going to be a fabulous new year!


  1. Ha! Love it! That's hilarious that Emily loves One Direction ;)

  2. Our Sara would be totally jealous of the 1D Tee! She has a couple but cannot seem to get enough of them, lol. Molly's blanket is just gorgeous...what a terribly thoughtful gift from Emily. Happy New Year to all your girls from ours!

    ~The D3 Girls ♥