Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bringing Home Isabelle!

Kirsten was ready to head out to AGPLA to pick up Isabelle when Molly called out to her.

 MOLLY: Kirsten wait! 

 MOLLY: Make sure Isabelle is a nice girl. If she is not then you shouldn't bring her home because it will change the whole doll dynamics. 

KIRSTEN: Okay Molly, I'll be back later!


Kirsten spots Isabelle practicing ballet.
KIRSTEN: Isabelle, are you a nice girl?
ISABELLE: ummm... well, yes. At least I like to think that I am.
KIRSTEN: Great! Now you can come live with me and my sisters. Molly said you couldn't come unless you are nice, but since you are you will be our newest sister!

 ISABELLE: Would you like to learn to dance?

KIRSTEN: Wow, this is amazing! Imagine all the dresses I can make with this. Thank you for teaching me to use your fancy sewer Isabelle. You really are a nice girl. Molly is going to be so pleased!

Since it was settled that Isabelle was indeed a nice girl and the perfect sister material, Kirsten decided to enjoy her first time at AGPLA  by exploring around.

She colored some eggs

made chocolate bunnies with Kit

and gave Kaya a big hug because she reminded her of her dear friend Singing Bird.

 The McIntire kitchen was still on display and Kirsten had to pose in front of it for Molly... sigh....


KIRSTEN: I'm baaaack! I need help getting Isabelle out of her bag and box!

The girls worked together to get Isabelle out.

 Everyone ooohed and ahhhhed over the beautiful Isabelle.
SAMANTHA: She looks so peaceful sleeping.

 MOLLY: Wait, don't open the lid yet! Kirsten, did you make sure that she was a nice girl?

KIRSTEN: Yes Molly. I asked her if she was nice and she said yes and she taught me ballet and sewing on her machine!
MOLLY: Okay, I guess she sounds nice. Let's open the box!

 KIRSTEN: Isabelle, we're hooooome!

ISABELLE: Oh! We're home already?!

Isabelle looked around her new home and surroundings.

ISABELLE: Molly McIntire!! Emily Bennett!! I can't believe you're my sisters! I am such a fan, I read all your books and watched your movie like a zillion times!

Isabelle got up excitedly and spotted Samantha.
ISABELLE: Samantha Parkington!! You are sooooo beautiful! You are like the most popular American Girl ever, and you're my sister!

ISABELLE: This is the best day everrrrrrr!!



  1. This was such a great photo story! I love Molly's concern with whether Isabelle is nice or not and I love how Molly was nearly climbing in the bag to help the others get Isabelle's box out.

    1. Thank you so much! Molly doesn't like big changes and also doesn't have a lot of patience, lol!

  2. I thought Isabelle might turn out not to be so nice after all, once she got home. I'm glad to see she didn't let Kirsten down. I love the picture of Kirsten hugging Kaya!!! (robinhoo @AGPT)

    1. I'm glad Isabelle turned out to be nice, or else Molly would for sure had her shipped back to AG!

  3. I have nominated you for the prestigious Liebster Award: ☺☺☺

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination! :)