Sunday, December 8, 2013

Product Review No. 1 - Molly's 1944 Swimsuit and Caroline's Ice Skating Set

Welcome to Miss Molly and Friends very first Product Review! 

Today I will be reviewing 2 items that I picked up on my last trip to AG Place: Molly's 1944 Swimsuit and Caroline's Ice Skating Set.

I just love the sight of this bright red bag!

I love AG packaging!

Caroline's Ice Skating Set

I purchased this set for Kirsten. Other reviews convinced me to get this instead of tracking down Kirsten's original skates on ebay. I much prefer getting new stuff directly from AG anyways. 

 Similar retired skates like Kirsten's and Samantha's don't include boots so I'm really glad this set does. They are cute standard boots made with thick canvas like material.

The mittens match the boots and are soft and nice.

Finally the skates. The blade part is metal and is a lot heavier than I imagined it would be. I was disappointed that the buckle was made of plastic and it fastens with velcro instead.

It's a cute set. I'm glad it'll work for Kirsten. She will be happy to get it for Christmas!

Molly's 1944 Swimsuit

 This set is the very last Molly item I purchased out of the items that are currently offered through AG. I held out purchasing it for a while because it didn't feel very "Molly" to me, but I'm really glad I got it before it is sold out. You actually get a lot of items in this set and the color of the suit looks very pretty on Molly.

The bathing suit is made with really thick material and looks very nicely constructed.

It comes with a nice plush towel for Molly to relax on and a beach ball for Molly and Emily to play with. Sorry, I was too lazy to blow up the ball!

It also comes with cute matching slippers, sunglasses and shell necklace. The necklace is really nicely made, I was impressed!

I highly recommend this set. It comes with a lot of accessories and will work with the modern dolls as well. It's still not sold out online but I would get it soon!

Thanks for reading my first ever review!

ETA: Molly's 1944 Swimsuit set sold out online as of 12/9/2013

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