Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Preparation Part 1

"Hooray! It's the last day of school!" Molly cheered.

 "Hurry and get your stuff, we can start preparing for Christmas as soon as we get home!" Molly hurried her sisters along as they gathered their lunch boxes and school supplies.
As soon as the girls got home they began writing their letters to Santa.

"Molly, what are you going to ask from Santa?"Emily asked.

Molly was in deep concentration. "I'm not sure yet, but it's got to be something really really good," Molly replied.

  Meanwhile, Samantha and Kirsten were in the family room writing their letters.
 "ummm... Kirsten? What are you doing?" Samantha asked cautiously.

"I'm writing my letter to Santa just like you! Why?" Kirsten asked perplexed by Samantha's question.

 "Oh, it's just that.. I don't think we can send your tablet to Santa. Here, let me give you a piece of paper and a pencil instead," Samantha suggested.

Kirsten was grateful for the paper. She was soon able to ask Santa for her greatest wish. Her letter said: "Dear Santa, Please bring me my Sari. Love, Kirsten"

To be continued...

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