Saturday, February 14, 2015

Isabelle's Valentine's Birthday

Isabelle's Birthday is Valentine's Day, and the girls threw her a wonderful party!

The whole gang pretty in pink!

KANANI: Happy Birthday Izzy! We all helped pick it out.
ISABELLE: Thank you so much!

 ISABELLE: It's Taylor!!!

ISABELLE: This is so perfect, thank you so much, I love it!

 Emily and Samantha reading the conversation hearts.
SAMANTHA: (giggling) Ooh la la!

 Molly being silly as usual!

 Had to take individual portraits of the girls in their pretty outfits.






 SAMANTHA: Aren't these flowers lovely?

 Girl talk!  :)

 MOLLY:  I think I'll have some more tea.

 Last shot of the Birthday girl!


  1. Happy birthday Isabelle! And also happy valentines day :P I absolutely love that colour on Kanani! The photos are so pretty :D Also I've nominated you for an award on my blog!
    -Lydia from AGfernfriends

  2. Adorable pictures! Love the photostory!:)

  3. Happy birthday, Isabelle! Everyone looks fabulous! I really like your party are and how you used the plush sweethearts. We have three that match yours in the sayings, but are different colors. Neat!