Sunday, December 13, 2015

Winter Forest

I'm excited to announce that my first collection will be up on etsy!
I've sold several dresses back this Spring/Summer (big "thank you" to everyone who supported me!) but I've always wanted to do a full cohesive collection. 

The collection is called "Winter Forest". It's an earthy collection with colors derived from those found in nature in the winter like snow white, pine green, and chestnut brown.
There will be a dress, sweater, jumper, coat and a hooded scarf hat in two colors.
You will also notice that the coat and hat is inspired from Molly's wardrobe in "Molly's Surprise!"

Here's the link to the shop:


  1. I love those things!! And those coats are just amazing! I hope you get a lot of sales!:)

  2. I just love this collection- the earthy tones is what really makes it stand out among the bright and bold colors commonly used in doll clothes.

  3. Your indoor photography is really nice. I love Isabelle's photo.
    - American Girl Doll Artist

    1. Just found your Etsy a couple of days ago. I love love love that coat and the sweater!!!
      - Zoë