Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Samantha!

It's Samantha's Birthday and Molly, Kirsten and Isabelle were busy setting up while Emily kept Samantha away until they were ready.

 Kirsten placing the daisies just so while Molly puts up the decoration.

 Izzy setting the table.

Emily brings Samantha to her party!

"Happy Birthday Samantha!!"

 "Thank you so much for this lovely party!"

 Molly immediately dug into her cake. "Yum! This is delicious!"

"mmmm.... peppermint cream, my favorite!"

After the party the girls went over to Molly and Emily's room to open presents.
 "I hope you like it!" Kirsten said as she handed Samantha the gift.

 Izzy, Emily and Molly were anxious for Samantha to open the present they had carefully chosen.

"Oh wow! It's Elizabeth's summer dress! I've always wanted to try on one of her lovely dresses! Thank you all so much!"

Samantha quickly changed into her dress and she and Kirsten had a lovely ladies tea party with their dolls.

The other girls were pretty tired from the party and decided to take a nap.



  1. Beautiful pictures! And wonderful story, happy birthday Samantha!

  2. Happy Birthday Samantha! Wow the girls look so tired! :)

  3. Your Kirsten is the sweetest!

  4. Beautiful pictures and party! Every one looks stunning. Love Kirsten's outfit. I do wish I had one like it for my collection.

  5. Just beautiful photography! I love your blog