Monday, June 23, 2014

Ping Pong?

 EMILY: Molly, wake up..
MOLLY: zzzzz.....

 MOLLY: Huh?! What's happening?!

 EMILY: Remember? It's Kirsten's birthday. She's always the first to get up. So we have to get up extra early to set up for her birthday.

 MOLLY: Oh right! We better hurry!

Molly and Emily got the others with decoration and presents to find Kirsten already up in the dining room.
 MOLLY: Kirsten! What are you doing?!

 KIRSTEN: Well, I got up early and thought I would start setting the table for my birthday!

 MOLLY: awwwww Kirsten you should have slept in and let us take care of everything. Here let me at least put your flower wreath on your head. 
SAMANTHA: Here's your present Kirsten. It's from all of us! Molly picked it out.


 KIRSTEN: Ping Pong??

MOLLY: It's a really fun game Kirsten. It's like tennis but you play on a table. I think you're going to really like it!

After breakfast the girls cleared the table and set up to play!
 Kirsten was a quick learner and was soon able to play her first match against Molly.
SAMANTHA: Go Kirsten!

 Molly must still have been sleepy. She was unable to catch up to Kirsten's fast passes.

KIRSTEN: This is fun Molly!!


  1. Where did you get that ping pong set? It's adorable!

  2. That first photo is so adorable with Emily trying to wake up Molly! I need to let my historicals play more often. This was inspiring. :)

  3. Super cute. I always enjoy your stories. :)

  4. So cute! Happy birthday Kirsten!

  5. A great photo story! Love all the great pictures. It was funny that Kirsten still woke up and was dressed before the others.