Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Morning

Hope everyone had a jolly Christmas! 
Here is what went down with Miss Molly and Friends on Christmas morning, it was all about opening presents!

 Molly leading the pack to the goodies!

"Wow! Looks like we've all been good this year!" Molly exclaimed with delight at the sight of all the pretty packages under the tree.

 Samantha was the lucky girl to be first in opening her present.

 She received a beautiful music box. "Just what I wanted! Now I'll have a special place to put my locket with mother and father's photo."

 Next up was Kanani.

 "Oh what a beautiful dress, thank you so much!"

 "hmmm... I wonder what I got?"

 "Oh! Pretty ballet slippers to hang on the wall! These will be just perfect for my practice studio."

 Sweet Kirsten's turn!

 Kirsten was teary eyed as she looked at the beautiful amber heart necklace originally given by her grandmother in Sweden.

 "Okay, my turn next!"

 "Golly, it's a real tiara!"

 "Do I look like a real princess?"

 Christmas fun has made even the usually poised Emily silly as she placed her present on her head.

Then she screamed and fell over with excitement when she saw her gift: One Direction book!

Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Wow what a wonderful photo story! I'm glad all your dolls got fantastic gifts! Emily's reaction just made me laugh! Haha