Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My year with Isabelle GOTY 2014

I love my Isabelle. She is so pretty, and I love her soft features. My Isabelle is sensitive and caring and is always willing to lend a hand. She loves trying different ethnic food and wearing vintage clothes. She has a unique fashion sense and loves to mix and match pieces from both her and her sisters' vast wardrobe.

 "Ta da!" 
Isabelle's first day home 2/14/2014. 

 Isabelle's first photo shoot.

 Celebrating Easter with her sisters.

 Having fun on a lovely spring day. This was taken on Molly's birthday.

 Setting the table for a party.

 Izzy was so happy when her cousin Kanani joined the family.

 Demonstrating what a great model she is!

 A trip back to AGPLA.

 She even went to San Diego Comic-Con this year dressed as a superhero: Super Izzy??

 Celebrating Emily's birthday.

 Halloween zombies

 What a stunning girl!

 Christmas Day

Saying farewell to her collection.

Isabelle you were a great Girl of the Year!


  1. This is such an incredible post! I love all the pics in it!! i can't chose my favourite!! I've really enjoyed Isabelle this year and will miss her but am excited for the new girl of the year!

  2. Great Isabelle recap! Thank you for sharing!