Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Molly Goes to Disneyland Part 2: California Adventures

First stop at California Adventures was of course Route 66!

"I think I've been here before!"

 "Go racers!"

 "No more rationing, yay!"

 "I've been to all these Route 66 stops!"

What's an adventure without some real life exploring?
 Molly was very excited to go on her first ever Wilderness Explorer Camp.

 She climbed rocks.

 Explored tunnels.

 And took a well deserved break before being almost licked to death by the gigantic Dug!


 "This is nothing like Camp Gowonagin!"

 After escaping Dug she explored the Grizzly River and found herself surrounded by a whole clan of grizzlies!

 And finally earned her explorer club badge.
"Adventure is out there!"

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