Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Critter Hunt

I was a bad dolly mom and failed to prepare anything for my dolls Easter! I purchased a bag of yellow wool after church thinking I will make some baby chicks, but not a good idea to learn a new craft with a time crunch. Luckily I had some bunny and lamb Calico Critters and decided the dolls could do a critter hunt instead of an egg hunt. I think they liked it. ;)

Kirsten was the first to find her bunny and immediately plopped herself on the ground to play.

Molly and Samantha both approached the bunny in blue at the same time. Molly was just a tad bit quicker and claimed it as hers.

Look Sam, there's one right behind you!

"Look at this baby lamb I found!" Izzy exclaimed.

 Emily is quite pleased with the lamb she found.

The girls busy with their hunt.

Happy Easter!
(hmmm... wonder where Molly's bunny is?)


  1. Ohhhh, what fun! We LOVE the idea of a critter animals and definitely kinder to our waistlines! All though, some of us girls actually **need** chocolate to survive, ya know? We see Molly's bunny!!!!! Silly Molly!

    1. Ha ha! Molly's pleased you spotter her bunny, she is definitely a silly doll!

  2. Everybody looks fabulous. Cute story. Happy belated Easter.

  3. WOW! what a fantastic idea!! It took us a while but we found Molly's bunny! Haha! Hope you had a great Easter! - AGfernfriends