Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Molly's Birthday Morning (Part 1)

Molly woke up bright and early this morning:

 "Hooray! It's my Birthday!!"

 Molly put on her glasses first so she could see.

"I can't believe Emily is still sleeping! Oh well, it'll give me more time to undo my pincurls. I can't wait to have curly curly hair for my birthday!"

Molly got up out of bed, waking up Bennett and put on her slippers before heading to the mirror to fix her hair.

"This is going to take forever," Molly thought to herself.

While Molly was busy with her hair, Emily got up. She was only pretending to be still asleep!

 Emily got out of bed very quietly and fixed her blanket.

 She then gestured to the dogs to be quiet.

 Then quickly got dressed in her and Molly's special birthday dress.

She was able to sneak out of the room without Molly suspecting a thing.

 Molly was having some problems with her hair, but did manage to get all the pincurls out.
"hmmmm... looks a little funny, but I have curls! I'm just going to wake up Emily and see what she thinks."

"Emily! Wake up! Look at my hair!  ???? huh?! Where did she disappear to?"

To Be Continued...


  1. Awesome! I know how the curls feel Molly, you have to mess with them a while ;)

    1. Molly can definitely use some hair advice! :D

  2. How did you knit the blankets? We are in need of some! ~ Ruthie

    1. They were done by basic crochet. I'm a novice crocheter, better at knitting but crochet is so much faster! :)