Friday, April 25, 2014

Molly's Birthday Morning (Part 3)

Time to open presents Molly!

 IZZY: Hurry Molly, I just can't wait!

 MOLLY: Alright! Cars! Thanks dad!

 MOLLY:  This is just perfect for my collection!

 MOLLY: Oh, how beautiful! Look at all the sparkles!

IZZY: Do you like it Molly? We all helped mom make it. I even designed it!
MOLLY: Yes! Thank you so much, it's just the perfect princess dress I've always wanted! 
I want to put it on now!

 EMILY: Sorry Molly, you're just going to have to wait. 
SAMANTHA: Because first we're having your Birthday cake for breakfast!
KIRSTEN: But don't worry, you can put it on later, we have a whole day of adventures planned!

Molly didn't want to put away her new sparkly dress, but followed the girls to the kitchen.
Happy Birthday Molly!!

 Oops! Yank almost went for the treats, luckily Samantha and Isabelle caught him in time!

 Make a wish Molly!

I love cake for breakfast!!


  1. Oh boy! We are so with Molly......CAKE FOR BREAKFAST.....and lunch....and dinner too!! :)