Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Molly's Birthday Morning (Part 2)

 Finding no one to greet her a happy birthday Molly sat back down on her bed.
"Well at least I have you two," Molly said to Bennett and Yank.

 Just at that moment all her sisters came marching in her room bearing presents and treats!
"Happy Birthday Molly!"

"Oh, I thought no one cared! Thank you! Thank you so much!" 

 "How could you ever think we wouldn't care? We just wanted to surprise you!" Emily told Molly as everyone placed their gifts on Molly's bed.

"Thank you so much! I am really surprised!" Molly was overwhelmed with all the love from her sisters.

"ummm.. Molly? What happened to your hair?" Kirsten just had to ask.

 "I curled it! Why? Does it look bad?" Molly asked concerned.

 Isabelle immediately came to Molly's side and reassured her," no Molly, it's not bad at all. It just needs a little bit of styling that's all. Here let me help you."

 "Gosh, thank you Izzy!" Molly said relieved.

 "Here, we just need to relax the curls a bit, that's all!" Isabelle said while fixing Molly's hair.

"See Molly, it's all better now. You look beautiful! Now let's go back to the others, they're anxious for you to open up the presents!"

To Be Continued..

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  1. She looks great. Nice to have a little help in the styling department.