Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beforever Report 3 - Julie and Rebecca


 I can't even talk about Julie right now because I'm so excited about this egg chair of hers! It hooks up to ipods and plays music, it's basically a speaker that doubles as a doll chair! It looks so cozy in there, I may have to get it for my Isabelle, she'd love it!

 The food is very bright and plasticky in my opinion. Even the popcorn doesn't look as realistic as her older one which also had molded popcorn. The phone I love!

The hugging monkeys are cute, I don't know the historical significance of them so they're just really cute to me!

I think this dress looks pretty on Julie. I'm not crazy about it but I do like it a lot better than her older one.

I love her coat! I will most likely get it for Isabelle. The material is made with  faux suede, it's a bit on the thinner side though.

I like this outfit too, it's another one I'm considering for Isabelle.


I love her hat!

What a lovely color on Rebecca!

Life size display