Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beforever Report 4 - Josefina, Caroline, Kaya, and more!

Since Josefina, Caroline and Kaya won't get their revamp until next year, I just took a few pictures of them.

I like Josefina's new meet outfit, I like her older one too. But the updated one was necessary to fit with the other Beforever girls.

Kaya didn't get a new meet, but many have said that she looks different, like her wig sits higher up now exposing more of her forehead. I'm not a Kaya expert so I can't say, she looks cute though!

Caroline didn't get a new meet either, but I wish she did as I'm not too crazy about her current one.

She did get a new party dress to replace her birthday one. I wanted to like it, I really did, but I can't... At first glance it's just too shiny, and then you feel the material and for lack of a better word, it just feels cheap. :(  There are nice details like the lace and ribbon trim, but I still can't! 

I also feel like the items they discontinued from her collection: the birthday dress, traveling basket, dish set and the table and chairs were the best items from her collection. I hope they will make some comparable good stuff for her next year.

Caroline's life size display


The new mini dolls: the faces are thinner and the bodies are all vinyl and looks like the archived girls (Molly, Kirsten, and Felicity) are not included. 

 I love the inspired by collection for girls, I hope it does well. The clothes are cute, wearable and age appropriate.

And finally, I took a photo of the announcement of the Beforever drawing. Congrats to the winner!


  1. Cool! I wish the mini dolls still had cloth bodies and didn't look like they do now :( I will probably get some I'm the future. AGfernfriends

  2. I'm not sure about the wig, but Kaya's face is definitely seems more round than before.

  3. I am Onemoredoll. I am goinf Saturday again to exchange Addy. Hope to see you there sometime.