Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beforever Report 2 - Addy and Kit


Many have said that Addy was the star of the Beforever revamp and I would have to agree. I don't own an Addy doll but I really appreciate her and her collection and I thought they did a great job on her.

Addy's meet dress is my favorite outfit from the whole Beforever collection. I love the vibrant blue and the grosgrain ribbon details. I actually purchased it for my Kirsten and it looks pretty on her too.

Addy's school outfit looks amazing! It was only in the window so I couldn't feel the material (I guess I could've opened up a box, duh!!) but it looks so well made and detailed. I really like the color too, it looks lovely on Addy. And her new hairstyle is beautiful too. I unfortunately failed to get a detailed shot of her lunch, which I was pleased to see return!

From the life size display


Kit looks so cute in her new meet outfit with her haircut! I like her meet outfit and considered getting it for Molly and Emily, but something about the size of the buckle and buttons felt off for me. So I didn't get it.

Her new outfits are very colorful! You can see better in these pictures how much shorter her hair is, she looks super cute!

The typewriter is back!! (with double the price, yikes!) I ended up getting it at the last minute though since I have Kit's desk which has been begging to have a typewriter on it. :)

Kit's life size display