Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Beforever Report 1 - Welcome Back Samantha

I was so excited to be able to go to AGPLA on launch day. As soon as I signed in for the pre-shopping event I ran upstairs to the historical (I mean Beforever!) room and immediately was drawn to Samantha and her ice cream parlor.

I think the ice cream parlor is really well done and consistent with what I expect from American Girl. It's beautiful, it's detailed, it appears to be made with high quality materials. I was pleased to find that the ice cream scoop and cups and dishes are heavy and sturdy.

 Samantha's complete collection

 Looking for new homes

 The life size window display

 I think she is beautiful. I also like her meet outfit which I ended up purchasing.

Her necklace is really pretty. It comes with her accessories set.

I love this dress, but they were all in windows so I couldn't feel the fabric for a quality test. I also don't mind it comes with the tea set since I don't own any of her original dishes.

The petit fours are molded together. If I end up getting this maybe I'll look for a loose set of her older petit fours, or just get some real ones. I like props you can eat!

I like that this coat is black and white, but I personally don't like the dalmation like fur. Also the material felt thinner than what I would like. I don't hate it though, she looks fashionable in it.

The bike is cute, don't mind the pink, but since I already have Molly's I don't need it. If ever (I won't but IF) I get another bicycle it would be Julie's. Her original bicycle was more unique. I also don't care too much for this outfit. The pants and boots are cute, but the top I'm not loving too much. Maybe it'll grow on me.

Jip is cute. He is quite fluffy. He looks like he could be friends with Isabelle's cat Tutu.

Her bed is pretty. Not something I need or would get but I like it.

Her nightgown is nice, but I have her original that works all year round so don't feel a need to get this but I really like it. It looks lovely on her. I really love the bedroom accessories set. The teddy bear is really cute. Is it smaller than the original? I'm so glad they brought back her Wizard of Oz book, for me it ties the old and the new collection together and makes it familiar. I would get the set just for the book!

Here's the music box that comes with the bedroom set. It's made of wood and appears to be well made with high quality material. Very pleased!

Last shot: my WB Sam welcoming the new generation!


  1. I like thees better than many of the others I have seen about Samantha./