Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Emily's Birthday

Come and see all the fun from Emily's birthday party!

 "Happy Birthday Emily!"

"How lovely everything looks!" Emily exclaimed.

"The party hats are for us, but you get to put on the tiara since you're the princess of the party!" Molly told Emily as she helped place the tiara on Emily's head.

 The other girls all grabbed their party hats to look more festive.

 Kirsten had no problem getting her hat on.

Molly on the other hand had some problems!

"Here Molly, let me help you with that!" Isabelle said coming to Molly's rescue.

 Next it was time for Emily to open her present.

 Emily knew immediately what her present was even before she completely unwrapped it.

 "An American Girl doll! Thank you all so much!"

Emily gave her doll a big hug. She's been wanting an AG doll forever!

Then the party got even more fun as the girls started dancing to Emily's favorite songs. Emily even got up on the chair!
Click here to hear Emily's favorite song! 

 Of course Isabelle loves dancing!

Look at Samantha and Molly!

 Kanani is still a bit shy as the newest member of the family, but she loves to dance too.

 And Kirsten always loves to have a good time!

Everyone had a fabulous time dancing and eating cake at Emily's party.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Kanani visits the Shake Shack

Kanani was feeling a bit homesick for Hawaii so a trip to the Shake Shack by the beach was planned to cheer her up.

"hmmm... I wonder if they have shaved ice..."

Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's Still Summer!

It is still really sunny and hot where we live so I decided to extend Summer! Yeah!

Here are some photos of Emily enjoying a beautiful sunny day in September showing off her bikini:

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Aloha Cousin Kanani!

"Ding Dong!" went the doorbell.

 Izzy sprinted to the door.

 And dragged a giant box into the house.

 "What's going on?!" asked Molly as she and the rest of the girls ran over to Isabelle to find out what all the noise was about.

 "My cousin is here!!" Isabelle cheered.

 "Your cousin?" Kirsten asked.

 "Yes!" Isabelle answered, "My cousin Kanani has decided to come and live with us. Isn't it wonderful? Now can you all please help me get her out of her box?"

 "Cousin Izzy, Aloha!" Kanani was so happy to see Isabelle again.

 "Oh cousin Kanani, I've missed you so much! I'm so glad you will be living with us!" Isabelle said as she gave her cousin a giant hug.

 That's when Kanani noticed everyone else and hid behind Isabelle.

 "It's okay cousin Kanani. You don't have to be shy, we're all like sisters now. Anyways, you practically know them already 'cause I know how much you love to read American Girl books!" Isabelle reassured Kanani.

Everyone then gave Kanani a giant welcome and she immediately felt at home. 

"Aloha cousin Kanani!"

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Beforever Purchases

So these are the goodies I came home with!

Samantha meet outfit comes with the dress, stockings, bloomers and shoes. 

Samantha loves her new outfit. She's especially happy to have new black shoes, I still have her wear those plastic ones sometimes!

Addy's meet outfit comes with the dress, pantaloons, fabric boots and socks.

I purchased it for Kirsten. At first I thought the blue would be too bright for her, but I'm glad I took a chance and just brought it home. It is so pretty and it looks so good on her. Kirsten is very pleased to have such a lovely dress and especially excited about having brand new pantaloons as her old ones are very very old and worn out!

Not a part of Beforever but I finally got Isabelle her pajamas. It seems only fair since all the other girls have their own.

And I picked up the PWP outfit which is super cute! Emily loves being modern!

At the very last minute Kit's typewriter ended up coming home with me as well.

Molly loves it! She says she's going to type her journal everyday!

Oh! Molly also would like to show off her new outfit that arrived the day before the Beforever launch. She's a bit miffed that she got left out of all the excitement at AG but at least she got new clothes!